Kelemen & Company is a mid-market private equity
merchant bank with 3 core focus areas:

  • Equity and/or Debt
  • Corporate Development
  • Corporate Renewal Services

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VISION: We will be a trusted partner engaged to help organizations align actions with their core values and vision.

We will always do what’s right; for our investors, investees, customers, suppliers and employees, and our corporate development and renewal clients, even if that means not getting or losing their business; for our organization and team members and our community.


We make long-term investments in mid-market businesses in the United States and Canada.

We look to build established businesses in partnership with management over a timeframe that may extend well beyond the investment horizon of a traditional private equity firm.


Using a value-based and operationally focused approach, we actively engage with management teams and boards to identify and execute on opportunities to unlock value for customers, shareholders, employees and the community.



We manage a private equity investment partnership of mainly HNWI’s and family offices. We don’t have the pressure of a committed capital fund of putting money to work at a certain pace.

Our vehicle uses a deal-by-deal model that allows us to look at a wider variety of deals and commit only to the companies that we feel offer the best long-term potential.


We invest in management buyouts, carve-outs, turnarounds, restructurings, bankruptcies, growth capital financings and other special situations.

Our specialty is buying companies with operational, strategic or capital structure challenges.

We will also consider either equity or debt investments for these and other special situations.


We help companies who need to access fresh capital to implement their plans for growth or need to reduce leverage by restructuring their balance sheets.


  • MBO, Succession, Carve-outs, Turnarounds and Expansion
  • Revenues of $10 to $50 million
  • EBITDA, cash-flow flat/declining/negative
  • Majority or 100% ownership
  • Distressed debt purchases
  • Equity check up to $30 million


  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Independent Car Dealerships
  • Niche Manufacturing
  • Machinery and Tools
  • Heavy Construction, Road Building and Aggregates
  • Distribution, Logistics and Transportation
  • Production Chemicals
  • Enterprise Technology

We Buy Good Companies And Make Them Better.


An Abundance of Caution. Kelemen & Company uses a very robust “playbook” for lower mid-market mergers and acquisitions. We also buy companies, and use this same process in our corporate development work. Our approach is broader and deeper than a typical investment banker. Rather than simply looking at each deal as a passive advisor, we look at them as if we would own and operate or sell the business ourselves.

Our approach to achieving success with a strategic acquisition or sale is built on a three-way partnership that includes a committed corporate seller; an equally committed buyer with experienced management to identify and execute performance improvement strategies; and, a Private Equity firm partner like Kelemen & Company.

Our unique, multi-faceted approach, where we integrate different contact techniques such as email and direct calls is not only more thorough, but actually provides more, not less coverage. What’s more, we believe this generates more opportunities that better fit your criteria from a sale or purchase and eventually, integration standpoint.

To assist with identifying and closing a strategic acquisition of a carve-out, we maintain an growing network of US and international manufacturing contacts. If needed, we can also source the capital to pay for the acquisition and restructure the business.

Our current active US manufacturing corporate development (senior executives of large corporations and holdcos) and our professional mid-market M&A network (lawyers, accountants and business valuators) in the US is several hundred connections. Along with that, we leverage a proprietary tool of private and public company data including our internal research database of over 10,000 US and Canadian manufacturing companies.

Our full corporate development service includes:

  • Manage Communications and Prepare all Transaction Materials
  • Extensive database of US, International Corporate and PE manufacturing contacts
  • Comprehensive Strategic Due Diligence
  • Streamline, Economize and Improve Business Operations
  • Optimize Balance Sheet Capitalization or Restructuring Strategy

  • Interim or Permanent Seasoned Operating Executives
  • 3rd-party Equity and Debt Capital Providers
  • Direct Funding* through our Proprietary Investor Pool


Unlike other service providers, we learned what it takes by doing: building, running and selling several business. Using our no-nonsense, “build the business” approach, we offer a full suite of services to assist owner/managers, investors and lenders build value quickly in all states of business health: growing, challenged and distressed.


Our team has the expertise to help companies resolve urgent situations and implement rapid change.

Our professionals share a practical, results-oriented mind-set that understands that, in these situations, failure is not an option. We work side by side with senior executives in a dynamic renewal environment to balance competing priorities, including closely managing liquidity, anticipating unforeseen risks and opportunities, and communicating with key constituents.


We have a long track record of overcoming obstacles to change. Our integrated approach to enterprise improvement produces results across a variety of industries, situations, and time frames.

We work closely with management to deliver the next level of margin improvements – after the low-hanging fruit has been picked – and at the same time build internal capabilities to sustain these improvements.


Successful handling of complex financial issues, from intellectual property litigation to corporate investigations, requires knowledge, expertise and precision.

We deliver experienced and focused teams and brings deep capabilities across a broad spectrum of practice areas and industries. We are prepared to consult with counsel at every stage of the process, from discovery to trial.

To learn more about how we can help you buy, sell or build a better company, please call us at (587) 333-6351.



Blair Carey, CFA, CPVA

Managing Director
  • Revenue Operations
  • Forensic Valuation
  • Business Development
  • Intellectual Property
  • Due Diligence


Greg Kelemen

Managing Partner
  • Mid-market M&A
  • Corporate Finance
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Turnaround and Restructuring
  • Business Models

Note: Kelemen & Company is not a certified public accounting firm and we are not authorized to practice law or provide legal services.


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